Strategies for Growth

We have a network of people with expertise across, different industries and disciplines to help your organization design and implement plausible data-driven strategies around :

  • Pivot your business model

    Most enterprises are having to operate in some of the most tough economic environments, which may warrant the need to diversify into other markets and industries. We can help you manage the uncertainty that comes with diversification by using a design led approach to validate or invalidate the need to pivot your business model for the purpose of growth or sustainability.

  • Enhancing existing products

    Enhancing your existing products or services to attract a new customer base to remain relevant to your current market segment.

  • Market research

    If you are looking to expand your product or service offering to a new market or location , we can help you with the research , analyses of the market and help you draft and implement a market entry strategy to help you reach your growth strategy and in some cases, devise a go or no-go strategy.

  • Increasing market share

    How to increase market share for your existing products and services, using the right tools and go to market strategies to do so.

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Future of Work

With the eminence of new technologies proliferating and changing the world of work ,it is important for companies to preempt what these will bring to the way people work and how your enterprise or teams can adapt to them.

We have done research and have access to deep expertise around the topic and can recommend customized software solutions to meet your change management needs. Find the report here: .

BRANDS +sdgs

Never before has there been a greater need for businesses to be run in a more sustainable manner, that advocates for better care of people , the planet and prudent use of profits. We can assist you to design strategies and campaigns that speak to future proofing your business to run more sustainably.


We have a team of in-house designers and creatives that can support us in bringing some of your communication needs to life. Their skills lie in:

  • Putting together explainer videos' - scribe or animation

  • Website design

  • Infographics

  • Illustrations and graphic designing

  • Strategies on a page

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Mosidi has spoken on numerous platforms both locally and internationally and guest lectured on some of the topics around:

  • The changing future of work

  • Trends in the world of business

  • Holistic wealth workshops for staff and groups

  • Personal finance / financial wellbeing

Do you have a particular topic?

Please contact us if you would like us to speak on a particular topic.

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